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 no sugar challenge

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  •   Improve Immunity
  • Strong and Health Lungs
  • Detox body
  • Purify blood
  • Increase  Energy Levels 
  • Healthy skin and hairs
  • Improve Intestinal Health
  • Improve respiratory system
  •  Improve Digestive system

Why गुड़ is GOOD ?

For Women

Weight Loss Aid

Treat Menstrual Problems

Purifies the blood

Glowing skin and Strong hairs

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For Kids

Boost Immunity 

Good Source of Energy

Prevent Respiratory Problems

Improve Digestion

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For Smokers 

Cleanser The Lungs

Detoxify The Body

Strengthen Heart Health

Purifies Blood

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Sugar vs Jaggery

Refine sugarJaggery( गुड़ )
High in caloriesLesser amount of calories
Lead to weight gainHelp in  weight loss
No nutritional valueContains iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus
sugar become acidicJaggery aids in digestion
Sweetener agent onlyBoost immunity, detoxify body etc.
Increase blood pressurecontrol blood sugar and purify the blood
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Featured products

Cane Sugar - unprocessed jaggery powder
Cane Sugar - unprocessed jaggery powder

Cane Sugar - unprocessed jaggery powder

Rs. 275.00
Jaggery Elixir- Liquid Jaggery syrup
Jaggery Elixir- Liquid Jaggery syrup

Jaggery Elixir- Liquid Jaggery syrup

Rs. 300.00
Jaggery Fusion - Jaggery chunks
Jaggery Fusion - Jaggery chunks

Jaggery Fusion - Jaggery chunks

Rs. 300.00

our finest products

Journey of Jaggery from farm to your home



Grown in 128 acre farm in pavasara village of Uttar Pradesh. Nourished by river ganga and natural manure ( vermi-compost, cow dunk etc) as a result chemical free strong sugarcane farming.
Direct from farms to your home



Prepared in 3 copper kadai (wok) on firewood. Using lady finger as a natural cleansing agent This product contains no additives, is free from artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. 100% natural, farm made.



The best alternative for regular processed sugar with great health benefits and taste
A 100g serving of Organic Jaggery Products contains 0g trans fat and 0mg cholesterol. For a healthy lifestyle switch to Organic Jaggery products .

Certification from health organization

Our Customers Loves us

HR Manager

Thank you for making organic jaggery in days when it is rare to find pure products these days. I bought it to substitute sweet in my diet since I have some health issues thank you so much

Trust me, this is the most delicious jaggery I've ever had! Top quality, desi gud!

Reminds me of my youth . the best jaggery I have eaten in recent times!

Air Hostess
The product is authentic and pure. I have tasted the flavor after decades. Seems it has come to my plate right from my grand man's kitchen.